recipe-moroccan-spiced-chicken Cooking

Recipe: Moroccan Spiced Chicken

Original recipe from Georgeanne Brennan’s The Mediterranean Herb Cookbook In Moroccan cooking, cilantro and parsley are commonly used herbs, often in quantity, along with spices such as cumin, saffron and cinnamon. In this recipe the chicken is simmered whole in a sauce laden with the herbs and spices and then the sauce is reduced and […]

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how-to-create-a-sustainable-garden Gardening

How to Create a Sustainable Garden

What is a Sustainable Garden? A sustainable garden is a garden that is environmentally-friendly, low-maintenance and also easy on the gardener’s budget. Sustainable gardens add something back to the environment by cleaning the air and rainwater and providing food and shelter to animals while looking great all year-round and not taking much effort nor money […]

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Five Great Wii Games for Kids

If you’re a hardcore gamer that enjoys spending his time “slaying noobs” and playing games for hours on end, we’ll tell you right off the bat that this article probably isn’t for you. If you’re a mom or dad looking for some games that’ll be great to get your kids to let them play on […]

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8-most-popular-software-development-methods Technology

8 Most Popular Software Development Methods

If you are just starting to explore software developmentmethods, then you might be surprised there are more than a couple of choices out there. Each of the different options has their own unique set of perks. When you are in need of software development services, you may find that one or more of these methods […]

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Warts-Natural-Remedies Health

17 Natural Remedies for Warts Removal

Warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) and, being caused by a virus, are extremely contagious. They are presented in various sizes and shapes and are usually located on the hands and fingers, but sometimes may occur elsewhere in the body. This is because it is spread by direct contact. That is, by contact of […]

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Vitiligo-Pinta-jiricua-leucodermia Health

Natural Remedies for Vitiligo (Leucodermia)

Vitiligo (also called the Pinta, jiricua or leucodermia) affects on average one in every 200 people and is characterized by the appearance of the skin of white patches or very pale pink surrounded by dark borders. These patches usually occur more frequently in the area of the face (especially around the eyes and mouth), chest […]

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Vomiting-Causes-and-Remedies Health

Vomiting. Causes and Remedies

The vomiting or sudden emptying of the stomach by the oral route may be caused by illness and disease. Vomiting lasting only one or two days in general are caused by a gastrointestinal infection (bacterial, viral or parasitic), alcohol abuse, or a reaction to medication. Other causes for vomiting for longer than two days are: […]

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Natural-Remedy-to-improve-Irrigation-Brain Health

Natural Remedy to improve Irrigation Brain

The cells that make up the brain, called neurons, are interconnected in order to perform functions such as memory, emotions, the receipt of external information and processing. To do this, these cells require a constant supply of blood that brings them oxygen and other nutrients for their business. If they do not reach the proper […]

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4-Wonderful-Wattles-to-Plant-and-Grow Gardening

4 Wonderful Wattles to Plant and Grow

Acacia pravissima (Oven’s wattle) Native to Victoria, this bushy acacia reaches 10ft (3m). Distinctive triangular grey-green “leaves” are in fact adapted leaf stalks or phyllodes. Fragrant flower heads are bright yellow .     Acacia Retinodes (swamp wattle or wirilda) Narrow, willow-like phyllodes and a generous show of pretty canary yellow blooms. A pretty, slightly weeping, […]

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Carrot-Healing-Properties Health

Carrot. Healing Properties

It has a hairy stem, long leaves and white flowers. Of the whole plant, its root is the most used and appreciated. The carrot is rich in vitamin A (vitamin of growth), B and C and provitamin A (carotene). It also contains of3 to 7% sugars directly comparable (levulose and dextrose), abundant minerals and trace […]

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