how-to-create-a-sustainable-garden Gardening

How to Create a Sustainable Garden

What is a Sustainable Garden? A sustainable garden is a garden that is environmentally-friendly, low-maintenance and also easy on the gardener’s budget. Sustainable gardens add something back to the environment by cleaning the air and rainwater and providing food and shelter to animals while looking great all year-round and not taking much effort nor money […]

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4-Wonderful-Wattles-to-Plant-and-Grow Gardening

4 Wonderful Wattles to Plant and Grow

Acacia pravissima (Oven’s wattle) Native to Victoria, this bushy acacia reaches 10ft (3m). Distinctive triangular grey-green “leaves” are in fact adapted leaf stalks or phyllodes. Fragrant flower heads are bright yellow .     Acacia Retinodes (swamp wattle or wirilda) Narrow, willow-like phyllodes and a generous show of pretty canary yellow blooms. A pretty, slightly weeping, […]

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