Natural-Regime-to-Lose-Weight Health

Natural Regime to Lose Weight

Many people wonder why after so much sacrifices which slimming two kilos, in the twinkling of an eye, increasing five or more. That is, find it difficult to lose weight and when at last they succeed, they can not keep it off. There are some tricks and tips homemade natural that allow not only lose […]

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Essential-Vitamins Health

Essential Vitamins

Vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of all organs of the body and when there is lack of some of them in the body, it is affected in some way. As a result, it is essential to know the functions of each vitamin, the effects of its deficiency in our bodies and what food […]

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Natural-First-Aid-Kit Health

Natural First-Aid Kit

In summer, are very frequent trips and vacations to the countryside and distant places. However, sometimes suffer unforeseen met successfully if we carry in our luggage a kit with natural elements (dyes and plant extracts, tea bags, etc..) That can be very useful in the following cases To help sleep in a long journey or […]

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Color-Therapy-for-the-treatment-of-Diseases Health

Color Therapy for the treatment of Diseases

The use of colors for the treatment of diseases is called color therapy, and is used in conjunction with other healing methods. According to those who practice it, the disease can be caused by lack of one color in the human system and, in order to heal the body and restore your balance, apply color […]

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How-to-Exercise-if-You-have-no-Time-for-Gym Health

How to exercise if you have no Time for Gym

Regular exercise brings great health benefits. Among them reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, lower blood pressure, help you lose weight, reduce stress and anxiety and stimulate the system. Also contributes to beauty and skin look fresher and gives a healthy pink glow. This is because exercise stimulates the circulation and deliver oxygen […]

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How-to-Avoid-Poisoning-with-Your-own-Food Health

How to Avoid Poisoning with Your own Food

Any housewife can recognize, at first glance, when a food is spoiled and takes immediate steps to dispose of it. However, the really dangerous is that many times, under a false appearance, making for good food that is in poor condition and may cause symptoms of poisoning that occurs from 2 hours of being swallowed […]

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Sprains-or-Strains-Folk-Remedies Health

Sprains or Strains – Folk Remedies

Sprains or muscle lugs are injuries that occur due to an excessive effort in the accomplishment of physical activity (painting the ceiling, lifting a heavy object among others), which causes the muscle fibers are stretched and sometimes torn . Sprains, however, occur when the ligaments that connect muscle to bone at a joint are torn […]

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Folk-Remedies-to-Quit-Smoking Health

Folk Remedies to Quit Smoking

It is not easy to quit smoking, as the snuff creates a strong addiction. However, the harm to health (cancer of the lungs, mouth, larynx, esophagus, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, chronic bronchitis and emphysema) force smokers to reconsider the option of quit. Even exposed to the loved ones who breathe smoke snuff. Studies indicate that passive […]

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Ice-Made-Home-Remedies Health

Ice Made Home Remedies

The water, the chemical that is present in nature in liquid, solid or gaseous, is essential to the health and lives of all beings on our planet. Even the human body, as well as animals and plants is made often between 66% to 75% water forming part of their total weight. Since water is a […]

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8-Juices-Slimming-Recipes Cocktails Health

8 Juice Slimming Recipes

Natural fruit juices and vegetables help prevent various diseases as heart disease, hypertension, etc.. However, it also facilitates weight loss. When there is overweight, the fat stored in the body can increase up to 10 times its size. The functions of the natural juices is to contribute to fat loss without causing sagging always combined […]

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