Guide-to-Schizophrenia (2) Health

Guide to Schizophrenia | Causes, Signs, Symptoms, Treatment |

Loading… What is Schizophrenia? Out of all the mental illnesses that are found to be somewhat common in the world schizophrenia is one of the most scary. This is a disease that all but terrifies many people who consider the effects to be debilitating in most instances, and indeed in some cases they would indeed be correct. Schizophrenia is […]

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guide-to-anorexia1 Health

Guide to Anorexia | Causes, Signs, Symptoms, Treatment |

Anorexia Nervosa, which is usually referred to as simply “Anorexia”, is a disease of the mind that has effects on the entire body. It is categorized as an eating disorder, and can sometimes come in tandem with Bulemia. Anorexia occurs when somebody becomes so obsessed with their body weight that they must be continually starving […]

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Guide-to-Spine-Pain Health

Guide to Spine Pain | Causes, Signs, Symptoms, Treatment |

What is Spine Pain? Spine pain can be chronic or acute. Chronic pain is often related to a specific anatomical abnormality, whereas acute pain to injury. Because the spine consists of bones, ligaments, joints, discs and nerves, each is capable of causing pain. The types of pain may include: • Bones when the vertebrae become damaged, […]

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Guide-to-ADD Health

Guide to ADD | Causes, Signs, Symptoms, Treatment |

ADD stands for a condition known as Attention Deficit Disorder. In everyday use, ADD and ADHD are typically interchangeable. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Recently, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th Edition) has reframed the general term of ADD into three subcategories of ADHD: the inattentive type, the impulsivity type […]

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Guide-to-Fibromyalgia Health

Guide to Fibromyalgia | Causes, Signs, Symptoms, Treatment |

What is fibromyalgia? Is this something you can catch? Is it something that can be prevented? At what age does or can this occur? There are tons of questions about this fibromyalgia illness but hopefully this article will shed a little light on it. Fibromyalgia is known to affect more women than men at studies show that it affects 2 […]

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ADHD-Guide Health

ADHD Guide | Causes, Signs, Symptoms, Treatment |

ADHD is a combination of attention deficit and hyperactivity. It’s a problem that develops in children at a very young age usually before 7 years old. A lot of times kids that develop this disorder have problems in school due to the lack of attentiveness as well as calmness in the class or trying to […]

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Bipolar-Disorder-Guide Health

Bipolar Disorder Guide | Causes, Signs, Symptoms, Treatment |

What is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar disease is a fairly common mental disorder, although it goes undiagnosed more frequently than desired. There are many bipolar disease symptoms to watch out for if you think you or a loved one may suffer from this disease. Bipolar disease treatment is available in many different options; there is bound to be a treatment option […]

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